Mousavian, an Iranian terrorist turned Princeton scholar

Mousavian, Iranian former ambassador to Germany is a fellow at Princeton. Who are his American sponsors who brought him here, published his book and articles, organized conferences and speeches and teamed him up with adviser to State Department? ______________________________________

The Iranian regime's proxies in London

The "anti-war" rally in front of US embassy in London showed the Iranian regime's ability to unify the far left and Islamic fundamentalists to defend its cause. The "Stop the war coalition" is Tehran's tool to manipulate the peace movement while various Islamic organizations created by the Iranian government, continues to recruit among Muslim immigrants. There are also opportunists like Galloway who are employed by the regime and profit from the flow of Oil money .......

Iranian regime runs anti-AIPAC crusade

The four day anti-AIPAC conference marks Iranian regime's success in high jacking the peace movement and turn it to a pro-Tehran campaign. "Zand" in charge of lobby training for participants works with Ahmadinejad's office. NIAC and its president Trita Parsi, trusted and supported by regime, lead the anti-AIPAC crusade in Washington. _______________________________________

Casino Bob and creation of Iran lobby

The corrupt Congressman Bob Ney and 2 Washington lobbyists were hired by Tehran agents to lift sanctions on a VIP airplane for the Iranian leader. They were also helping Trita Parsi to launch NIAC and create an anti sanction lobby in the US. ____________________________________

Survey, Mullahs' way

PIPA and Influential US institutions released a new survey of Iranians who supposedly support regime's nuclear policy and prefer sanctions and war rather than stop enrichment. Mohseni, the Iranian who carried out the survey, speaks at Bassiji gathering in Iran. PIPA, supported by Ploughshares... __________________________________________

Drug shortage in Iran and regime's lobby in US

The pro-Tehran lobbyists have launched a large scale campaign to blame economic sanctions for the misery of the Iranians living under poverty. While the Iranians blame the regime that looted the country and ruined the economy, these lobbyists use the misery of the Iranians to discredit any pressure against the Mullahs. _________________________________________

Mousavian, an Iranian terrorist in Princeton

 Princeton University hosts an unusual fellow who has blood on his hands. Hossein Mousavian was the Mullah's ambassador to Germany in the 90s when Iranian embassy was a command center for assassination of opposition leaders throughout Europe, notably the murder of Kurdish leaders in Mykonos restaurant in Berlin. _________________________________________

Abbas Maleki, advisor to supreme leader, fellow at MIT

Abbas Maleki, the Iranian regime's former deputy foreign minister and adviser to the Supreme Leader has received a VIP treatment in US to start an academic career at Harvard and MIT. Maleki is a key player in pro-Tehran advocacy campaign that seeks to influence US policy with Iran. ____________________________________

Report on pro-Tehran advocacy

The powerful circles in Washington that preach appeasement with the Iranian regime have become active to influence public opinion and policy makers in favor of Tehran: Bijan Khajehpour, an Iranian oil consultant's speech at Woodrow Wilson. ___________________________________