The trade lobby and US policy with Iran

Hassan Dai, March 2012

Since 1997, US corporations, on top of them oil companies have played a significant role in shaping US policy with Iran. They demand friendlier policy toward Tehran and removal of sanctions. These goals are the basis for a de facto alliance between the US trade lobby and the Iranian regime


NIAC's partners in Iran: Iran's economic mafia and regime associates

Since 1999 when Parsi and Namazi from "Atieh group" proposed creation of Iranian-American lobby in US, NIAC and Atieh have been working together to lobby in Washington against sanctions. Atieh is a Tehran based business conglomerate that has multiple ties to the regime and helps foreign corporations do business in Iran


Relation and cooperation between Iranian regime and American anti-war groups


Public and court documents show how the Iranian regime was able to infiltrate, manipulate and high jack some of American anti-war groups and use them in a vast lobby campaign to influence public opinion and US policy with Iran