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Enjoying Mullahs' Fiesta

Hassan Dai, 7.25.2011

As the Iranian regime's Mafia-like factions are fighting for a larger share of the country's wealth, and while the last foreign investors desert Iran, the London based Turquoise Partners has published its latest newsletter with some good news for greedy investors who want to participate in the Mullahs' fiesta.

Airplanes and political influence

Hassan Dai, 7.21.2011

The recent grounding of an Iranian Airbus at the Birmingham airport in the United Kingdom illustrates the US efforts to tighten sanctions against Iran but, at the same time shows a bizarre inconsistency in American attitude. Those who are sanctioned by US for selling aircrafts to Iran are very welcome here in Washington to spend their money and influence US policy with Iran. In fact, buying political influence in favor of Mullahs is much easier than selling them used airplanes. A revealing example is the case of the seized Airbus.

Snake dance

Hassan Dai, 7.18.2011

snake danceA few days ago the "Iran Diplomacy" website published an interview with former president Rafsanjani in which he criticized the Supreme Leader's intransigence toward the US and declared that the time has come to open a dialogue between the two countries. He regretted the Leader's decision in late 1980s to reject US overtures and presented himself as a man of reconciliation and dialogue who had to obey Khamenei's decision.

Flotilla 2: helping Palestinians or assisting dictators

Kayvan Kaboli, 7.13.2011

FlotillaMost of us remember the dramatic footages of Flotilla ship last year when Israeli soldiers boarded the ship and battled with people onboard who were trying to enter Gaza. The activists who had launched the Flotilla were mostly from left and Islamist groups and viewed their action as a mean to bring media attention to the Gaza blockade and the suffering of its residents.

Kucinich's penchant for dictators

Hassan Dai, 7.9.2011

As the Syrian regime continues its brutal repression of the popular uprising, Dennis Kucinich, the Ohio Congressman has travelled to Syria, met with Assad and expressed some degree of sympathy for the his regime.

In a radio interview, Kucinich insisted that he went to Syria to convince Assad to do more reforms. Here is his CNN interview about his meeting with Assad.

The green disillusion

Hassan Dai, 7.6.2011

The Iranian regime's coming parliamentary elections are nourishing factional animosities inside the regime and causing divide between the so-called leaders of the green movement and what remains of its popular base.

Eager to reconcile with the Supreme Leader and participate in the show, these leaders are criticized and rejected by the vast majority of green networks active inside and outside Iran.

Hikers' families turn to the U.N., finally

Kayvan Kaboli, 7.2.2011

After two years of sorrow and worrisome, families of Josh Fattai and Shane Bauer appealed to Ban Ki-Moon for help. CNN reported the families of hikers detained in Iran with charge of espionage met the U.N. Secretary-General and asked him to intervene just a month away to a trial which was postponed last month.

A secret anti suitcase internet technology

Kayvan Kaboli, 6/30/2011

The State Department-led project called "internet suitcase", a $2 million prototype phone network alerts dictators in the Middle East. ABC News reports an announcement by Iranian regime's spy chief on the issue of suitcase internet

Iran experts return to their favorite game

Hassan Dai, 6.30.2011

Ahmadinejad's demise and the possibility that he could resign or be dismissed before the end of his term, has enabled some "Iran experts" to return to their favorite game of finding a new political figure in Tehran with desired qualifications that will make the regime friendlier with the West. A game that has been masterfully directed from Tehran. The new rising star to be promoted in this show is Mohammad Reza Ghalibaf.

NIAC and Toscano's Congressional briefing

Hassan Dai, 6.28.2011

On Monday June 27, NIAC organized a Hill briefing that was moderated by its life time president Trita Parsi... Toscano and NIAC try to sell an old merchandise with the same old package. Once again, they try to put the blame on US and argue that the West has not been enough generous with Tehran. Again, they ask for more engagement and more incentives for the Mullahs. But the Obama administration and his European allies tried to reach an agreement with Iran that could reduce tensions and pave the road for "Threshold" initiatives. And they totally failed.

Ray Takey and Suzanne Maloney lament Ahmadinajad's demise

Hassan Dai, 6.25.20100

Two of the most renowned Iran experts, Suzanne Maloney of Brookings institute and her husband Ray Takeyh of CFR are lamenting Ahmadinajad's demise in Tehran. In a new article titled " Ahmadinejad’s Fall, America’s Loss" published by New York Times, they write:


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