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Iranian regime's projects more lobby in US and support to anti-war groups PDF Print

Iranian American Forum, 25 March 2013

Iranian government has published a report on Foreign ministry's  five years plan to double the regime's lobby in the West, collaboration with "favorable lobby groups" and support to anti-war organizations to influence host country's policy with Iran

Some of the items detailed in the plan that are supposed to double in coming years are related to lobby activities in the US and Europe named as "non favorable" countries : (pages 9-10)

  • Activities of "Iran lobby" in the West
  • Support to anti-war groups and other lobby organizations to influence host country's policy toward Iran
  • Presence in the media
  • Using the Iranian expatriates to influence the host country's policy toward Iran
  • Using the Moslem populations in the West to influence host country's policy toward Iran

This is not the first time that the Iranian regime publicly admits its lobby activities in the West but this time, the report is more detailed and itemized.

The government press in Tehran calls the Washington based NIAC the Iranian lobby in US and the head of Iran interest section in Washington had also showed public support to NIAC's president Trita Parsi. (picture # 2).